Privacy Policy

Pricay policy


To shop at you must fill in your information, such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, which can be deleted at any time.


Personal data is securely transferred and encrypted using SSL / HTTPS wherever possible. Personal data in e-mail, such as order confirmation, sent not encrypted. Personal data is not encrypted. Personal data is protected through strict access control.


Personal data relating to a purchase are stored for 5 years, or as long as required by law, for processing documentation to public authorities where the law requires it.


If you have created an account without making a purchase, your account will be automatically deleted when you have not logged in for 6 months.


We make the registration of your personal data for you to shop at and to process your order and deliver goods to you.


Only relevant employees in the company have access to your personal data.


We use only the mentioned personal data to process your order. For example, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail and possibly shipping information about pick-up point etc. by e-mail and / or SMS.


Personal data is stored, but encrypted with appropriate security measures in Denmark.


Sensitive data such as birth date, personal beliefs, sexuality and other are not recorded.


You have the right to insight into the data that is registered about you according to the Personal Data Act. You can always find all the data we have registered about you by logging in to your account.


Inquiries regarding Opposition and insight into personal data must be by e-mail to:


The data controller is: Nadias Sandwich ApS / Adnan Jabr will never sell, or otherwise give, information about its customers or visitors to third parties. However, there is a simple reservation! In criminal cases such as abuse or credit card fraud, the IP address will be disclosed to the police, along with notification.


Cookies and anonymous data


In connection with your visit to's website, as on the majority of the internet, there are automatically registered a variety of information. This information is anonymous and can not be used to identify you. The information is collected for 2 reasons. First, it helps us continually improve the webshop's user-friendliness as well as identify and solve problems and secondly, we use this data to compile statistics for internal use.


If you do not want your anonymous data to be used for statistics, please contact If you have not created an account or are not logged in and you do not want anonymous data to be registered, you can not use this site after disabling cookies.




This information includes, but is not necessarily limited to:



Which country is the visitor from

How the visitors found our site

What browser visitors are using

What screen resolution visitors have

Which page the visitor first saw

Which page the visitor leaves the page from

How long the visitor is using on the page

How many pages the visitor sees



To shop in this webshop, your browser must accept cookies. When you place an item in the shopping cart, a cookie is saved on your own computer to add more items to the same basket and shop at the webshop. We use cookies to increase the security of your visit to the site. By allowing cookies in your browser, we get better security in the communication between your computer and the webshop. If you do not have cookies enabled in your browser, we can not maintain a secure connection between your computer and our server and therefore you can not shop at the webshop.