About Nadias

Wide range of delicious sandwiches, as well as giant mix-yourself salad bar

About Nadias

At Nadias we offer a wide range of delicious sandwiches, and a huge mix-yourself salad bar at sharp prices. Our products are all manufactured with a focus on well-being and health.

In our stores you are met by dedicated and service-minded employees who are ready to serve you. We place emphasis on our customers' wishes and needs, so you can always get exactly the way you want it at Nadia. Whether you're into freshly prepared sandwiches, exciting salads or bagels, Nadias is the obvious and quick choice for lunch and dinner - or when you're hungry.



Short Story

In 1999, the owners of Nadia's Sandwich, Pia and Adnan Jabr took over the "Sandwich & Muffins" store at Boulevarden in Aalborg.


Since then, it has grown- and thanks to skilled employees, dedication, hard work and good shopping, today there are six sandwich shops and two salad bars in Aalborg. Several stores are on the way, and the ambition remains that Nadia's sharp concept will benefit hungry customers in all major cities in Denmark.


Do you have a good suggestion for where to open next? - Then write to us at nadias@nadias.dk



We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our resturants!